Welcome to Karen's Doggie Day Spa!

Frequently asked questions

                We are a low volume salon and one of us (there are only two!) is with your dog every moment of                         their time with us.  We do our best to keep a schedule that allows plenty of time with every dog and                 minimum waiting time for everybody.  Please help us keep on schedule for everyone's benefit and                 arrive for your scheduled appointment on time.

                We strive to be a flea-free salon.  We offer several options for flea removal and use safe and                 effective flea shampoos, but these are for mild infestations only.  If your dog has a heavy flea                 infestation, we will ask that you reschedule your grooming appointment after it is under control.  

                Aggressive dogs - We have a lot of successful experience with dogs who who have been problem                 children in grooming or boarding situations previously.  We are very patient and gentle with dogs who                 are frightened of grooming or have shown mild aggression in the past and every one who first came                 to us this way is now happy to return.  If a dog becomes very aggressive, however, we may have to                 discontinue grooming. We will call immediately and hope that you will understand we are acting in the                 interest of safety for your pet and for ourselves.  

                Please leash your pet or carry them when entering or leaving the salon.  There is a grassy area in                 front where your dog can potty before coming in.  We have clean up bags available inside.  Please                 give your pet the chance to potty before bring them in!

                Pricing - We do not have a published price list or offer pricing without asking a few basic questions.                 Please call us for price requests - we will be able to provide the information much more accurately.                 Pricing is based on breed, size, disposition and coat condition.  Dogs that are professionally                 groomed regularly (every 3 to 8 weeks depending on breed, style and coat) will require much less                 time and pricing for our services will be lower.

                Pets with excessive matting (it is very painful and stressful for the dog to have this brushed out) will                 be evaluated when you arrive.  Brushing out matting is time consuming and will require an extra                 charge based on an estimate of the extra time required.  In many cases, it may be too stressful for                 your pet.   We may need to start over with a short cut that will make the visit much easier on your dog                 and regular brushing afterward easier on you!